Delivery of an App


  • Keep on Track
    FAN Courier is focused on keeping everything on track, not just on the road, but also digitally.
    FAN Courier aimed with their app for a new approach in terms of design and functionalities, in order to stay true to the company’s core values: decrease the distances between people and never slow down the pace.

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  • Hit the Road
    We started by mapping the functionalities of the app. Besides the ones that were imported from FAN Courier’s website, our team identified an extra set of features that would give the app its uniqueness. The next step was to design a smooth journey for the user. And so we did.


  • The services and the functionalities were linked in a flow starting from creating an AWB and calling a courier, till the time of parcel’s pick-up, when the courier would scan the code of the order directly from the user’s phone.


  • Enjoy the Ride
    Placing an order in FAN Courier app became a matter of a few taps. The app enables a set of shortcuts that save the user time and energy. Calling a courier, check the shipment’s status, creating an AWB or estimating the costs of services have become simpler and more accessible.