A 3D Approach to Future Transportation


  • It’s All About Innovation
    Mobotiq had a very clear and articulated vision about what they wanted: a 3D animated video that accurately explains the concept, describes the business and points out the potential of the project.

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  • Mobotiq aims to develop a global transportation ecosystem of autonomous pods. All the stages, from financing to design and functioning will be implemented on a blockchain platform, making possible both decentralization and involvement of users in maintenance and proliferation of the network.




  • We designed in 3D the video content according to the storyboard received from the client. After the frames were rendered in HD, everything came together in the post-processing stage.
    Along the process, we focused on adding extra value to the scenes and making improvements.

Aim Global

  • The 3D animation illustrates the global potential of the project through an Earth globe made out of cells that are linked together by the transfer of information.
  • Each frame reflects the features and the opportunities this innovative project enables for the users, communities, and investors.